Mr.Qui PHILUX VN Ref Vice-President

More than 30 years’ experience in real estate investment Chairman of the Saigon Pho Palace chain restaurants Vice President of Philux Funds in Luxembourg - one of the traditional real estate funds In 2019, Philux Funds has invested 200 million USD in Hoang Quan Real Estate MR QUI is an investor at Valley City in the early times and he is also a strategic advisor and a diplomat to counter foreign and domestic to develop Valley City

Mr.Robert Do - Financial Advisor

As an business strategist and a practicing entrepreneur with a MBA and 10 years of experience in Technical field and directing successful business operations in multiple traditional industries and Real Estate. He is an expert in international investment and trade.
Metaverse I am also the Master of Economics at UEH University in business which provide businesses with deep insights to the economy on a macro-level When working as a CEO at Golden Investment Group

Ms. Alizabeth Tran

Over 20 years’s experience in Vietnam Stock, she is known as the golden hand that has listed more than 50 stocks of companies on the stock exchange.

Mr. Trung Nguyen

Over 5 years's experience in cryptocurrency, he is a Founder of YinYang Capital which is a Capital channel to share financial investment knowledge in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency market.